October 29, 2011

A few peeks of our snowy Saturday morning.

Sure, Maryland gets snow, but it is extremely rare for us to get snow in October. In fact, locally speaking, this has only happened 3 other times in the last 100 years! When I woke up this morning there was a nice white coating over everything outside and we're expecting anywhere up to 8 inches by tomorrow morning. Yep. Eight inches of snow in Maryland. The most accumulation we've ever seen has been 2.8 inches in October. It's a little crazy around here.

 We have guests staying with us for the weekend for a (outdoor) wedding we're attending this afternoon, so I woke up extra early to put on the coffee and slide a nice pumpkin bread in the oven. We're not entirely sure what we're wearing to the wedding, but we know it's going to need to be warm! I'm seriously considering wearing my black LandsEnd snowboots... I'm not even kidding... well.. sorta.

While everyone was beginning to wake up, I grabbed my camera and started to shoot little pieces of our day so far...

Is it snowing where you are? If so, what are you doing to stay warm today?


October 22, 2011

It finally feels like fall--let's celebrate with 30% off!

Good morning!

Yesterday was Association Day in Maryland (where the Maryland Educator's Association provides a day off work for all public school teachers to enrich themselves professionally--workshops, trainings, etc.), so Cory and I had the day off together. Last year we attended an AP training, so we decided to take the year off from attending professional development. Plus, we had a long to-do-list infront of us.

Anyhow... the whole point of this is that we woke up to a gorgeous fall day! The high yesterday was 63 degrees, which is considerably chilly considering we'd been floating around in the low 80s recently. The chilly weather inspired me to accessorize with a lot of chunky wool and a fun knit hat as we galavanted around town.

The chilly weather is the perfect reason to host a sale so you can accessorize OR get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Each Donna's item will be beautifully packaged (with new packaging! yay!) just for you!



October 18, 2011

New to the Shop! The Bandana Cowl

Over the weekend I noticed bandanas are everywhere this season. EVERYWHERE. I've seen them in a few What I Wore posts from bloggers I follow, but realized it's really not my style. What could I do to incorporate the same trend with my own personal twist? Ah ha! Crochet it!

Introducing: The Bandana Cowl

I am in love with this piece. I'm excited to make it in a ton of different colors and lengths as well!

So, if you want to join me in the bandana craze, you can order one for yourself at

Suggestions please!

Pinned Image

Lovely readers: help me! My tiptoes are facing a 3-day weekend where I plan to surround myself in yarn and books. I have one novel already in the works that needs to be finished ASAP (Freedom), but would like to add to my "to read" pile.

I'm also in need of new music. Bands that I typically enjoy: The Black Keys, TV on the Radio, Arcade Fire. I am open to any and all new varieties though!

Plus, any new Netflix finds? I watched Paperman earlier this week and loved it. Ok, I'm not going to lie--the story wasn't stellar, but the couch was AMAZING. lol. Whatever it takes, right?

Music! Books! Magazines! Blogs! Share with me (in the comments) what you're into or what you're listening to!

Thank you in advance :)

Weekend Review: Charmed & Dangerous by The Second City

Cory and I had a really wonderful autumn weekend, and although I do not have many photos to offer, I at least want to document it :).

Friday night, right after work, Cory and I rushed home, changed into our evening best and headed to Baltimore's Center Stage theatre to see "Charmed and Dangerous" by Chicago's Second City comedy troop. (Second City has an impressive history as it has cranked out celebs like: Tina Fey, Stephen Cobert, John and Jim Belushi.)

Once we were in Charm City, we stopped at our favorite sushi place in Mt. Vernon, Minato Sushi. We tried a few new rolls and made it just in time to catch happy hour! Bonus! Minato is in the mainfloor of an apartment building, and I really was appealed to the mailboxes right outside their door--so I snapped a shot of them.

Afterward I snapped this photo of Cory entering the theatre. As you can tell, we were really excited to laugh the night away!

The entire show was set and geared toward Baltimore. It was absolutely hilarious! At a few points, Cory and I even got to participate! Cory offered 'superfluous' as an adjective, and I, of course, yelled "ENGLISH!" when they needed our favorite subject in high school ;).

We had the best night. It was so much fun to hang out with one another, laugh until our stomachs hurt, and just enjoy a night in the city.

We're really excited to start using our season passes to Center Stage!
Our next show is at the end of this month, "The Rivals."

How was your weekend?
xo, Liz

October 17, 2011

My worlds just collided big time.

So, like everyone else, I'm pretty excited for She & Him's Christmas album to be released at the end of this month. Pink Martini's Joy to the World was constantly on repeat in our home last year, and I'm SO excited to pair them with one another!

Joy To The World

Anyway--so I'm reading the little blurb at the bottom of She & Him's website and I realize... dum dum dum...

A portion of the album's proceeds are being donated to 826 National!

Okay, so think back to my San Francisco Trip last May. I went out of my way to stop by 826 Valencia, the original 826 location.

826 is a non-profit writing organization that was founded by one of my favorite authors (and people) Dave Eggers. 826 locations are beginning to pop up in many major cities around the country in effort to help support public school children who need a safe place to do homework after school or have a desire to be the best writer they possibly can. The main focus is creative writing, but the organization provides many other services. I mean--AWESOME.

As a nerdy English-teacher-book-lovin person, 826 hits a heart string with me to begin with.

And then there's Dave Eggers' books. I mean hello: he's brilliant. I posted about his books in my Favorite Non-Fiction Reads. A few weeks ago, I trecked to D.C. via metro and met up with a former Eggers lovin' student (she's now in college and is a total book nerd--I'll call that a success!) to meet Mr. Eggers at the National Book Festival. I'm a Book Festival alum, as I have gone the last 4 years running and absolutely love it. The fact that Eggers was going to be in attendance made my heart jump like crazy.

So here we are, in mid-October and I am so pleased to have one of my favorite music groups supporting an organization I love so dearly.


October 16, 2011

Today's recap & a confession

Today has been full of chunky yarn, chai tea lattes, a few football games, roasted chicken, and lots of mini shop updates! I love days like this--it's when I feel the most creative and inspired!
(Let's ignore the fact that I have to go to work in 12 hours...)

Here's a look at a few of the items I added to the shop today!

And now a confession:

I'm watching Elf.

I can't help it. When I get really into crazy-crocheting season, I just can't stop thinking ahead to all the holidays and shopping and cheer! Oh my!

Don't worry--I have big plans to catch up on It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! next weekend. I'm not that crazy. ;)

Big Happenings!

Good morning!

I woke up to a home full of friends and just finished cooking them a big, warm, autumn breakfast. As much as I love our regular routine, there is definitely something about waking up to a home full of friends. It just feels so comfortable and family-like.

Over the last week Donna's has been extremely busy (you saw our shop update, right?) and I wanted to share a little bit of what has been happening!

I'm sponsoring a giveaway of one of my new Puff Cowls (in the color of your liking!) over at Run With Scissors. Hurry up and go enter the giveaway! No one is saying you have to keep the cowl for yourself, either (it would make a wonderful gift ;)).  

And I'm also being featured on Gussy Sews' Holiday Gift Guide. This is such a brilliant idea and a great resource to find the *perfect* gift for those on your holiday shopping lists. It's never too early to start shopping--especially when shopping handmade!

I also recently signed a contract to consign more Donna's Decembers wears at Love & Glitter in charming, historical, downtown Ellicott City, Maryland! They will be stocked with fall and winter inventory starting November 7th!

And of course, you can always find our wears freshly stocked at The Muse in downtown Frederick.

(Photo c/o Chrissy Gemmill)

Hooray! Now, with all that being said, I have to go stitch my day away :)

Have a lovely Sunday!
xo, Liz

October 11, 2011

Fall Shop Update

Since I have been really busy stitching up for autumn craft shows, I haven't had much inventory around the house to shoot for a fall shop update. However, I had a few spare hours this morning and a full stock of merchandise to take over to The Muse, so before I met up with Whitney, I decided to do a little mini shoot.

Here's a taste of my Autumn 2011 line. My main focus this season was to create pieces that would add a touch of sass to your outfit. I wanted overly romantic pieces and a lot of texture, and I think you see that in a lot of the pieces. I really love them and I hope you will, too!

Check out the rest of the update here.

My 5 Favorite Fashion Trends for Fall .... in Crochet!

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. From the color scheme, to the stunning shapes of boots, to the interesting textile choices, I feel the urge to shop and to take my time getting dressed more during the fall than any other time of year. I have a little shopping trip planned for this weekend, but wanted to put my own spin on Elle's Most Wearable Trends of the season by finding as much of them as I could in crochet items!

1. Mustard Hues

Elle's Version:
mustard hues

My Version:

This cape is pretty perfect in my book. Pair it with the most stunning dress or a fitted tee and jeans.

2. Rust Colored Jacket
Elle's Version:
rust outerwear

My Version:
Check out this gorgeous vintage pattern via Past Perfect Patterns
PDF CROCHET PATTERN  Belted Jacket and Pull On Hat  Retro Vintage

3. Maxi Skirts
Elle's Version:
cozy sweaters

My Version:
This amazing maxi skirt can be yours from SansLimitesCrochet for only $175. Trust me when I say that's a steal when it comes to the craftmanship!
Amanda's Maxi Skirt in black (size M)

4. A Touch of Lace
Elle's Version:
lace trend

My Version:
Everytime I see work from LiveinStyle I want to snatch it up ASAP. This black lace peice is no exception and truly is just a touch of lace. So stunning!
Stephanie black Lace Necklace

5. Jade Green
Elle's Version:
jade green dresses

My Version:
I'm not sure what it is, but jade is such a hard color to come by. I have an affinity with the color (and stone) since Jade is my middle name ;). I thought it would be cool to transpire this fashion idea into more of a standard accessory. Jade is pretty all year round and so is this neckwarmer from KubukiKreations!
Crochet Circle Scarf in JADE

What are your favorite fashion trends for the season and how are you implementing them into your wardrobe?


October 10, 2011

2Hands Indie Craft Market

Add it to your calendars, ladies and gents! This is going to be a phenominal fundraiser for Maryland's CASA program and a great time to check out local artists! :)


P.S. I know I haven't been around much... that'll change... starting tomorrow! xo

October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs


It's incredible to think that many of the major technological innovations throughout the last 25 years can be traced back to Steve Jobs.

The way we communicate, the way we experience music, the way we travel throughout our day is defined by Mr. Jobs's innovation.

It's remarkable. You will be missed.

October 2, 2011

New Links for Crocheters!

Happy Sunday evening, everyone!

It's finally feeling like fall here in Maryland. In fact, this weekend,specifically, has been a tights & dress kinda weekend. It hasn't reached above 60 degrees since Friday and that's ok with me. The leaves are starting to change, the breeze is crisp, and my kitchen is full of pumpkin cookies :)

Yesterday was my first show of the holiday season and it went surprisingly well considering how miserable the weather was (hooray for people wanting to warm up w/my knitwears!). To be honest though, one of the biggest shows of the season is this coming weekend, the Catoctin Color Fest. It's a regionally known arts and crafts festival and draws in hundreds of thousand's of people from all over the area. I'm beginning to get really excited and really nervous all at the same time! I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.

There have been lots of amazing crochet-y things happening all around the internet and I finally had a moment to sit down and share them with you. There are so many cool and creative experiments happening in the crochet world, I just can't get enough! Have you seen anything really great? Please share in the comments!

Rachel over at the Crochet Spot posted this tutorial to make your own Crochet Hook Case. Brilliant & perfect for a gift this holiday season!

hook holder

Need something cushy to keep your hardwood floors warm this winter? The Purl Bee posted this alpaca rug pattern!

Right now I am working on a lot of inventory. I have so many new pieces, but haven't had the time to photograph them for my etsy shop. One of these days it will happen!

Have a great week :)