May 30, 2010

Donna's Decembers Feature

Good morning, ya'll!

I just received a message saying that a new Bloom pin in my shop has been featured in a treasury! Woo hoo! I am so thrilled! Wanna check it out?
Go here to see!

I've been doing some window shopping around etsy today---I think I'm going to have to buy a few new pieces tonight! I'm thinking something parrot related (I <3 some of these parrot finds)!

Have a great day!

May in pictures!

Holy Smokes! It has been so long, guys! We'll... let me tell you about the last few weeks in pictures!

My co-worker and friend, Karla, threw us a wedding shower...

This is their baby girl, Adeline...
(so cute)

They set up a cute teacher-ish table for guests to write sweet messages to us:

We had a great time hanging out and eating this delicious cake (made by a fellow teacher, Joann).

I wore a cute vintage sundress with a turquoise belt and silver flats...
This is my friend Alyce with Karla's daughter...
Cory and I drank out of these all night...

Then on Sunday, I joined in with Whitney and Genna at Handmade Mart in Silver Springs, MD.
I stopped by Pang's "Pretty Little Fings" booth to check out her new merch:

Then I threw Cory a graduation BBQ yesterday...he just finished grad school at Loyola University!

And then I got awesome Happy Mail from Jamie!

And then I made a new wreath for our front door:

What have you done this Memorial Day weekend? Any big, fancy plans? I'll be back with some new Donna's Decembers news and jewelry!

May 22, 2010

Happy Saturday

Cory and I pulled the mattress downstairs last night, threw it ontop of the fold-out couch, and put in Where the Wild Things Are. Granted, I fell asleep as soon as Max ran away from home, so I didn't see much, it was still pretty cool. I will hopefully finish it this afternoon.

The air is much cooler today than what it has been the last few days (we've been ranging from 65-89 degrees outside) and today it's a nice mild 74. I love this spring/summer phase we're in. No humidity and lots of sunshine! Could not ask for more.

My internet is going a little crazy, but hopefully I'll be back later to post some pretty inspiration!

May 21, 2010

I love hydrangeas

Do you know that I love hydrangeas?

Today could have gone in a lot of different directions--but I am so happy to say that it has been one of the most refreshing days I have experienced in a while!

My students completed their English High School Assessment this morning. The low down: high schoolers in Maryland must complete 4 HSA exams in order to graduate. The contents include: English, Algebra, Government, and Biology. Pretty simple topics, but difficult to "study" for. Long story short--the English exam is 3 hours of constant reading and analyzing. For some students, this is cake, but for others, it's a predetermined failure.

Long story short--my students came to school pumped up and ready to go. I had prepared a small gift or each student (a brightly colored spiral notebook, a sharpened pencil w/a grippy thing on it, and a pack of M&Ms) and I really feel that it made all the difference. I have had such an amazing school year--my students are so thoughtful and kind. I will truly miss them next year.

Okay--so having the HSA behind me feels amazing. I can finally look face foward into summer and the wedding and feel so excited! After school, Cory wanted to go to dinner to recognize how stressful HSA preparation has been and spend some quality time. We enjoyed a cute little sushi dinner in the company of a an old friend and ended up meeting a few job prospects along the way! It just seems like today is too good to be true. I'm seeing everyone that I love and feeling so great and positive (first time I can say that in a LONG time)!

So what else is new?

I whipped up three of these necklaces:

One for Lisa for her birthday, another for my Happy Mail partner, Jamie, and one for me! Whitney has already requested a few for her shop and I am getting ready to post them on etsy tonight!

Here are some pictures from May so far to share with you:

(Cory and I in Gettysburg for lunch)

(Cory getting ready to open our very first wedding-related present! Thanks Tina!)

Here's to a fun wedding filled weekend! Tomorrow we're going to our Wedding Shower that my co-worker and friend Karla is throwing us. We are super excited and gracious that my co-workers love us as much as they do!

May 17, 2010

Bare with me..

Hello on this rainy afternoon!

As you can see--I have not been a very good blogger. I am so sorry. This time of year, although exciting, is usually the busiest for teachers. In Maryland, we have state mandated testing the 3rd week of May each year--so I have been very busy preparing my students so they can succeed on the English High School Assessment (which earning a passing score is a graduation requirement), taking care of end of the year odds & ends for SGA (we passed out "Smartie Pencils" to EACH of the 1400 students at SHHS today), and wrapping up whatever I need to do in my classroom. We only have 13 days of school left--and I am feeling the crunch!

Not only is the end of school busy, but I am also getting into the heat of wedding planning. Right now, I'm at my mother's house getting ready to tackle addressing envelopes. I should be typing up my insert with directions to both the church and reception facility, but instead.... I'm blogging.

This month is very exciting for me and Happy Mail! Jamie Habermass is the creator of Happy Mail and is my partner for the month of May! This is a very big deal! :)

Alas, I must go grab my new Sharpie pen and practice my best cursive.

Have a wonderful Monday <3