May 17, 2010

Bare with me..

Hello on this rainy afternoon!

As you can see--I have not been a very good blogger. I am so sorry. This time of year, although exciting, is usually the busiest for teachers. In Maryland, we have state mandated testing the 3rd week of May each year--so I have been very busy preparing my students so they can succeed on the English High School Assessment (which earning a passing score is a graduation requirement), taking care of end of the year odds & ends for SGA (we passed out "Smartie Pencils" to EACH of the 1400 students at SHHS today), and wrapping up whatever I need to do in my classroom. We only have 13 days of school left--and I am feeling the crunch!

Not only is the end of school busy, but I am also getting into the heat of wedding planning. Right now, I'm at my mother's house getting ready to tackle addressing envelopes. I should be typing up my insert with directions to both the church and reception facility, but instead.... I'm blogging.

This month is very exciting for me and Happy Mail! Jamie Habermass is the creator of Happy Mail and is my partner for the month of May! This is a very big deal! :)

Alas, I must go grab my new Sharpie pen and practice my best cursive.

Have a wonderful Monday <3

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