April 25, 2010

Wedding Craziness!

Good morning!

Since my last post last Sunday, I have spent a considerable amount of time with Cory tackling all things that are wedding related. It seems like when it comes to us making a to-do-list, we accomplish items best when setting aside a complete day to focus on whatever task(s).

Therefore, yesterday was Wedding Day!

We accomplished SO much in just one day.
--Registered at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pier 1.
--Bought centerpieces and a few other things for the reception
--worded our invitations
--took Cory's sister Meghan to her dress fitting
--ordered shoes for all the bridesmaids
--decided on a hotel to block rooms

and are about to head to Colonial Jewelers to have our wedding bands engraved! Wow, my head is spinning, but it feels great to be able to cross off some of our to-do-list.

Other than that, I am hopefully finishing my mother's day gift that I have been crocheting today! I will post pics AFTER mother's day (Hi, Mom!) and am then starting on a birthday gift.

I can't wait for summer when I can crochet for myself a little :)

Anyway, off to do more work. Have a wonderful Sunday!

P.S. Next post will highlight my lovely Happy Mail partner, Jeane from Arizona! She sent me the most fabulous necklace last week and I simply adore it.

April 18, 2010

Sundays are made for tea, frisbee, and books.


I survived my first ultimate tournament of the season. It had been such a long time since I had watched a real game of frisbee, that I totally forgot how much fun it is to watch people play! Let's do a little re-cap of the weekend (of which I am picture-less, but that is another story...):

Cory and I left for Dewey Beach, DE right after school on Friday. We made excellent time and arrived to the AHmazing beach house the team rented by 7:30. Just a few of his teammates were at the house, so we laid low and hung out for a while until people began to file in. I met a few frisbee players from Maryland (College Park) which was fun. Our Friday consisted of us hanging out at the beach house and seeing loads of people from Salisbury (Miyagi!) plus some other cool friends.

Saturday was the first day of the tournament, and because I felt swamped from the loads of work I had to accomplish for school, I stayed off the field and planted myself on a lounge chair on the upper deck of the house. I'm going to go ahead and give myself props for this idea--because I think it was brilliant. I taught myself how to diagram sentences and read a bit of the text I had to read for my conference on Monday (Readicide by Kelly Gallagher). The sun was a perfect 70 degrees and there was a soft breeze. Saturday resulted in me getting the right amount of sun, walking around town, and waiting for the team to come back from their last game (around 4).

We had a lot of fun last night dancing at Starboard downtown and relaxing after a hard day's work.

This morning we were up bright and early. I really wanted to watch the team play, so we headed to the fields early (but got distracted and made a breakfast stop at Wawa on the way). I had a blast watching this team play together! It was a random assortment of players from multiple teams so, of course, their team name was Mish-Mash. Ultimate is so much fun to watch. The games are always so fast and exciting--and it seems like everyone is always really happy when they play.

I have to admit---I was a little jealous---seeing as how I am so incredibly uncoordinated to even attempt to play. :)

The weather wasn't as beautiful today, but it was fun to hang out with everyone on the sideline and cuddle up in blankets. Cory's team ended the tournament 4-2 and it seemed like everyone had a really great time playing.

Then came the best part (for me at least)...after we left the fields and head home... we stopped at SONIC! yum! I know many of you don't like fastfood--but ah! We do not have a Sonic within an hour of Frederick and everytime I am near one I feel compelled to stop and eat the cheeseburger that is bigger than my face. I don't know if it's the cherrylimeade or the fact that it is so ridiculously unhealthy and I only get to do it (max) twice a year. Whatever---it was glorious!

Now we're back in Frederick. I am finishing up Readicide and Cory is editing his LAST paper for his masters degree (he graduates in a mere 3 weeks)!

What did you get into this weekend? What are your plans for the last part of April?

(Can you believe it's almost over?!)

Here's to a smooth transition into Monday!

April 15, 2010

A fetching introduction.

I've always found Thursday evenings a true testament to humanity. Have you ever noticed during the day (or maybe this is just me) you always say, "whew, just one more day!" Or, when you're home after work, you're itching to do something, anything at all, just because you can feel the weekend seeping into your bones? I usually end up going out with Cory at some point on Thursday evenings; we'll meet up for a drink after work or hit up a bookstore--but it seems like we have to do something other than sit at home infront of the tube. (Not surprising as he can hardly stand to be inside a house for hours at a time and I'm usually game for anything.) Since college I have always found Thursdays really interesting. It really makes me consider how different I would be if I had a "typical" 9-5 or desk job instead of up and moving all day as a teacher.

How are your Thursdays?

So what am I up to tonight? We're at Borders.

A few things have caught my eye since I have been here, one of which is particularly charming and I want to share it with you! (p.s. the graphic is obviously from Amazon...I have no shame.)

So, why share this book? When I saw it on the shelf, I thought it was your typica, run of the mill non-fiction piece about knitting. But, much to my dismay, the introduction is quite witty and I greatly appreciate one particular segment that I will offer you here:

"To shorten this examination of my odd psyche, I am not a woman who enjoys process. I am a writer who does not enjoy writing. I can find innumerable ways to avoid it. But, to rip off Dorothy Parker, nothing else--nothing--gives me the same thrill as having written.
I am the same way with knitting. The process is fine, mind you, and keeps my hands busy. But nothing else--nothing--gives me the rush that I get from finishing something.
The parallels between writing and knitting go even further. Like writing, knitting as a finite number of raw ingredients. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Those letters can combine to give you David Foster Wallace or freshman composition papers."

First of all, amen sister! I totally hear you. I hate processes as well and I always need immediate feedback (ie: no huge tasks, rather small tasks that can be accomplished quickly). But, her second connection to DFW is so spot on. If you have not been tackled by a person, or local English teacher who sweats the heck out of DFW, google the man. It's time well spent.

Anyway--other than that, I am perusing the typical stitch books. I did also find a bargin bin copy of this, and plan to pick it up:

Anywho--that's where I am on thus Thursday evening I'm probably going to appease myself by picking up Sweater Quest. Once I finish reading, I will fill you in if you should pick it up as well :)

Weekend plans update: Cory and I are heading to Dewey Beach for a "beginning-of-the-season" ultimate frisbee tournament. I guess I should clarify, Cory is playing. I am not. I plan on reading and crocheting most of the time while they play. It should be fun to go away with Cory--we haven't been stuck in the car together for multiple hours in quite some time! ha!

Want something to do this weekend? Check out this ADORABLE DIY project from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. It seems quick and oh so lovely!

April 14, 2010

April in pictures... (image heavy)

I know, I know... I have been slacking. (I mean, seriously slacking!)

In one of my previous posts--I mentioned how excited I was for April to arrive because it would be jam-packed of fun fun fun. Well--it has been and boy do I have the pictures to prove it!

Spring break was a blast--Cory and I spent a day, as mentioned before, in D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

We celebrated two of our closest friends' (who are a couple) birthday (they share the same bday, too) by joining with family for an adorable early-Easter dinner in Shepherdstown, WV.

I spent a wonderful Easter Sunday morning with these adorable kids...

Who got flipflops from the Easter Bunny!

And they spent all morning doing this:

And this (tickling Cory)...

I enjoyed a solid day of crafting with high school friends, Pang and Ashley. I've mentioned Pang before, as she is the photographer for our wedding and huge crafting inspiration. Here are a few (awesome) photos she shot during the day--be sure to check out her blog and shop too!
Then I headed north for a long weekend in New York City! Lisa moved into a new apartment on the upper east side...

We spent most of our time shopping, gabbing, and drooling over incredible vintage pieces at
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market:

Including this adorable man..

And Lisa bought a new piece for her apartment (because we all know storage is crucial in NYC)

Other fun things from NYC:


Lion Brand Yarn Studio: the mecca of my FAVORITE yarn.
(I still smile and get so giddy while I look at these pictures!)

I arrived home safely on Sunday evening to Happy Mail from Jeane (my April Happy Mailer) but haven't shot pictures of her ADORABLE puzzle card! How creative!

I am so lucky to have experienced so many awesome days so far this month! I can only hope that the fun continues (but also allows me more time to post)!

Here's to warm weather and floral patterns! xoxo

April 3, 2010

Spriiiiiiiiiiing Break!

Wow--if the last two days are any indication as to what April will be like... I am going to LOVE it!

Here in Maryland the high of the last few days has been 83 degrees. Everyday has been "must-have-sunglasses-to-survive-" sunny. I am loving life.

Stupid me, however, forgot my memory card at home, and can't upload pics of all the fun from the last few days! I promise I will soon though...

A sneak peak as to what we have been up to though:
--A full day fo Cherry Blossom Festival-ing on Thursday. I got a little sun on my sholders and a most delicious chai tea frap.
--Went to Annapolis to shop for Mom's Mother of the Bride dress! It's so pretty and so perfect for a tea party!
--Helped Justin & Jess pack up their townhouse because they're moving to Lake Linganore :(.

Today Cory and I have decided to tackle a mountain of school work that must be completed. Tonight we're going to a friend's house for Easter/birthday dinner and to hang out with other friends.

The rest of the weekend shows a lot of promise, too. Pang is having a sew day on Monday, which sounds like a blast. I haven't been sewing much recently, so I need to decide on a project to tackle while I'm there!

Anyway, I must head back to Lord of the Flies.

Has anyone read this book? What do you think?