April 3, 2010

Spriiiiiiiiiiing Break!

Wow--if the last two days are any indication as to what April will be like... I am going to LOVE it!

Here in Maryland the high of the last few days has been 83 degrees. Everyday has been "must-have-sunglasses-to-survive-" sunny. I am loving life.

Stupid me, however, forgot my memory card at home, and can't upload pics of all the fun from the last few days! I promise I will soon though...

A sneak peak as to what we have been up to though:
--A full day fo Cherry Blossom Festival-ing on Thursday. I got a little sun on my sholders and a most delicious chai tea frap.
--Went to Annapolis to shop for Mom's Mother of the Bride dress! It's so pretty and so perfect for a tea party!
--Helped Justin & Jess pack up their townhouse because they're moving to Lake Linganore :(.

Today Cory and I have decided to tackle a mountain of school work that must be completed. Tonight we're going to a friend's house for Easter/birthday dinner and to hang out with other friends.

The rest of the weekend shows a lot of promise, too. Pang is having a sew day on Monday, which sounds like a blast. I haven't been sewing much recently, so I need to decide on a project to tackle while I'm there!

Anyway, I must head back to Lord of the Flies.

Has anyone read this book? What do you think?

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