March 28, 2010

The sun is starting to appear...

After a really emotional and hectic week, I decided to take this weekend to just get a grip. Have you ever been there? I know it seems sorta cliche--but when I don't have a grip on things I have to make an effort to be better.

So right now I'm plugged in at Frederick Coffee Company, my favorite local coffee shop, and am grading WEEKS of papers. I am doing this to secure a MINOR amount of grading over Spring Break (which starts Wednesday at 3:30)! I'm almost finished, but wanted to post before I forgot!

Now that we're ending March (just in a few short days) I am getting hopelessly excited for consistent warm weather and summer break. April holds a lot of hope for fun for me... I have a long weekend trip to NYC planned, a possible weekend away at Dewey Beach with Cory, plus spring break weekend and time with family. It's hard to believe how fast March has flown by, but I am happy to see it go.

Do you have any fun April plans?

Enjoy your Sunday evening :)

p.s. Cyndi--I got your package! Thank you! :) The panda pen is adorable!

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