October 18, 2011

Weekend Review: Charmed & Dangerous by The Second City

Cory and I had a really wonderful autumn weekend, and although I do not have many photos to offer, I at least want to document it :).

Friday night, right after work, Cory and I rushed home, changed into our evening best and headed to Baltimore's Center Stage theatre to see "Charmed and Dangerous" by Chicago's Second City comedy troop. (Second City has an impressive history as it has cranked out celebs like: Tina Fey, Stephen Cobert, John and Jim Belushi.)

Once we were in Charm City, we stopped at our favorite sushi place in Mt. Vernon, Minato Sushi. We tried a few new rolls and made it just in time to catch happy hour! Bonus! Minato is in the mainfloor of an apartment building, and I really was appealed to the mailboxes right outside their door--so I snapped a shot of them.

Afterward I snapped this photo of Cory entering the theatre. As you can tell, we were really excited to laugh the night away!

The entire show was set and geared toward Baltimore. It was absolutely hilarious! At a few points, Cory and I even got to participate! Cory offered 'superfluous' as an adjective, and I, of course, yelled "ENGLISH!" when they needed our favorite subject in high school ;).

We had the best night. It was so much fun to hang out with one another, laugh until our stomachs hurt, and just enjoy a night in the city.

We're really excited to start using our season passes to Center Stage!
Our next show is at the end of this month, "The Rivals."

How was your weekend?
xo, Liz

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