October 18, 2011

Suggestions please!

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Lovely readers: help me! My tiptoes are facing a 3-day weekend where I plan to surround myself in yarn and books. I have one novel already in the works that needs to be finished ASAP (Freedom), but would like to add to my "to read" pile.

I'm also in need of new music. Bands that I typically enjoy: The Black Keys, TV on the Radio, Arcade Fire. I am open to any and all new varieties though!

Plus, any new Netflix finds? I watched Paperman earlier this week and loved it. Ok, I'm not going to lie--the story wasn't stellar, but the couch was AMAZING. lol. Whatever it takes, right?

Music! Books! Magazines! Blogs! Share with me (in the comments) what you're into or what you're listening to!

Thank you in advance :)


  1. sounds like my kind of weekend! unfortunately i don't have any book suggestions for you; recently everything i've been reading is more of the self-help variety. enjoy and have fun!!

  2. music: Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's. I suggest listening to their song Home- I love it XD

  3. If you like books you can't put down I highly recommend "before I go to sleep"by Watson. It's well written and a fast read cuz you can't put it down!

  4. Aprilavril--I've been an Edward Sharpe fan since spring 2010 so you're definitely on the right track :)

    Natasha--this looks incredible! Thank you for the suggestion!