September 27, 2011

Book List

Because the next few days are crazy busy for me after school (Meet the Teacher night, training, getting ready for my show this weekend, etc.), I decided to invite Cory on a little date tonight. I cooked baked ziti and paired it with red wine for when he got home and then we headed straight to the bookstore to pick up our new Book Club book.

Book Club? Yep. Cory and I decided when we first started dating that every few months (usually once or twice a year) we'll read the same book. We alternate turns choosing--but our tastes are so similar that it's never that hard.

We each pick up a copy and once we finish it, one will take their copy to school or donate it to Good Will or give it to a friend, and then we'll keep the other copy. Sure, it's frivolous spending. Seriously though--there's not much else we could do for just $16 per person that involves such rich discussion and time together. Right?

So our current Book Club book is... drum roll please...

One of the major rules we have about the Book Club is that the book needs to be published in paperback. Franzen's best-seller from 2010, Freedom, was finally published in paperback today, so the timing of this special date was perfect :)

While we were picking our our books, I noticed a few that I'm totally adding to my birthday/holiday wish list. If you happen to own them or have seen them and have any comments, please share! I'd love to hear what you thought about:

Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts: 225 Inspired Projects for Year-Round Celebrations

What's on your Book List?


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