September 26, 2011

I'm obsessed.

Since Cory and I don't have cable TV we've really become hooked on Netflix. When Netflix changed their subscription services, we nixed the discs and have stayed with streaming. After all, we use the streaming nearly every day, whereas the discs just sit around (or get lost) and collect dust.

I've been around the block a time or two with TV series on Netflix and definitely have my favorites (Cosby Show, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights), but recently I have been revisiting a show from my past: Felicity.

I was just in high school when Felicity came on the air and was definitely obsessed with Dawson's Creek, so I didn't give it much attention. Now, as an adult and a college graduate, this show resinates so wholly with me it's unbelievable.

Wanting to break away from her parents' plans for her, Felicity follows a high school crush to New York City to attend NYU and being a new life. The first season has Felicity go through various ups and downs of normal freshman-in-college life. Many crushes, one true love, trying to fit in, keeping up with classes, etc. It definitely sucked me when at the end she was forced to choose between two special gentlemen. It was like watching Carrie choose between Aiden and Mr. Big all over again!

So now that I'm in season 2 (and yes... I'm making big plans to barrel through the series as I usually do), I am beyond hooked. The plots are growing thicker and my love for the character, Ben, is driving me mad, I say! Here are some of my favorite Felicity snapshots to share with you :)


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  1. he he - we just got Netflix (finally!), so I've been searching for series to listen to while I'm working - I love 'United States of Tara', and *almost* started watching Beverly Hills 90210 from the beginning - he he. I saw a Dawson's marathon on tv a few weeks back and was reminded of how much I love it, but I never really saw much Felicity - I'll have to give it a second try! :)