October 17, 2011

My worlds just collided big time.

So, like everyone else, I'm pretty excited for She & Him's Christmas album to be released at the end of this month. Pink Martini's Joy to the World was constantly on repeat in our home last year, and I'm SO excited to pair them with one another!

Joy To The World

Anyway--so I'm reading the little blurb at the bottom of She & Him's website and I realize... dum dum dum...

A portion of the album's proceeds are being donated to 826 National!

Okay, so think back to my San Francisco Trip last May. I went out of my way to stop by 826 Valencia, the original 826 location.

826 is a non-profit writing organization that was founded by one of my favorite authors (and people) Dave Eggers. 826 locations are beginning to pop up in many major cities around the country in effort to help support public school children who need a safe place to do homework after school or have a desire to be the best writer they possibly can. The main focus is creative writing, but the organization provides many other services. I mean--AWESOME.

As a nerdy English-teacher-book-lovin person, 826 hits a heart string with me to begin with.

And then there's Dave Eggers' books. I mean hello: he's brilliant. I posted about his books in my Favorite Non-Fiction Reads. A few weeks ago, I trecked to D.C. via metro and met up with a former Eggers lovin' student (she's now in college and is a total book nerd--I'll call that a success!) to meet Mr. Eggers at the National Book Festival. I'm a Book Festival alum, as I have gone the last 4 years running and absolutely love it. The fact that Eggers was going to be in attendance made my heart jump like crazy.

So here we are, in mid-October and I am so pleased to have one of my favorite music groups supporting an organization I love so dearly.


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