September 14, 2010

A few cell photos

So, I realized I haven't cleared my cell phone photo gallery in almost 3 months! Here's what I have been up to (and apparently forgot to tell you about)...

I chopped off my hair and love it! I needed a sassy change, and this hairstyle was just the way to go after months of long locks for the wedding!

We got a new kitten and named him Flip (Flipper for short, a joke). This photo accurately depicts how energetic he truly is:

But really, he is such a loving kitten. We love him and Ralphie does too!

I had the prettiest flight to and from San Diego. The clouds looked like an orchard in the sky! Look at how organized they are!

While we were there, we swung by the WWII monument:

This is the gigantic thrift store that I drooled over here and then decorated with here:

I found this orange yarn while we were there... perfect for finger knitting!

Cory and I went out for sushi....twice.

My new favorite treat Smoothie King (so delicious):

And saw this adorable owl!

I guess I have been busier than I thought! Huh..

Check back later for the next stop on the Frederick Blog Tour and a little sneak peak to what I'm packing for our weekend roadtrip!

P.S. If you share any cell phone pics showing what you've been up to, paste a link in the comment section! I'd l-o-v-e to check 'em out!

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