August 22, 2010

what to do with extra yarn...

Have some extra yarn lying around?
Looking for something to add a little seasonal/holiday color to your home?

What about something to do to get a head start on Christmas decorations?

 Last year, I pursued the goal of having an entirely handmade Christmas tree. As I was researching various crochet patterns for ornaments, I realized, I needed garland for the entire tree! 

I found this DIY from one of my blogs Making Chicken Salad, by Katherine Jalaty.

Now, I know it is SO early to be talking about Christmas trees, but this is a DIY that uses just a little yarn and can bring a little fall color into your house as well! I have been whipping up SO many of these garlands (I have them hanging around my classroom in a mustard yellow color), that I wanted to share this with you!

Here is a picture of Katherine's final product:

Go here for Finger Knitting DIY plus so many other very cool projects!

I make them in 6ft and 10ft sections. I have so many colors already and plan on adding them in my shop very very soon!

Enjoy :)

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