September 6, 2010

Autumn Home Makeover

Cory and I have lived in our home for almost a year and a half. It's not our dream home by any means, but we really love the location, so we have tried our best to adjust to living with just one closet and no air conditioning.

In order to adjust to living in a rental home (we live in a 2-story duplex built in the late 1700s, so it's quite quirky), I like to re-decorate as often as possible. We started a "deep clean" last week and are still putting the finishing touches on each of the rooms, but I wanted to go ahead and show you our living room space!

Remember last week I mentioned the huge thrift store in Silver Spring, MD? The purpose of our trip was so I could find goodies to freshen up our home just in time to welcome autumn. Here's a look!

1. Pretty autumn inspired pom-pom and pennant garland.
The pennant has our "new" last name on it!
We had to get rid of my old army-green couch a few weeks ago, so we moved one of Cory's down from the office. It's a simple, modern shape from IKEA. I threw on a thrifted afghan to break up the white walls blending into the white couch.

2. New Mantel Design.
Check out these ah-mazing thermos' I got my hands on at the thirft store last weekend! The colors are great for fall; I'll probably keep the plaid and wood-grain patterns up for Christmas, too! My adorable Duaflex II camera has been abandoned for too long, so I put it on display ontop of a few vintage books (Joan Didion, a collection of British lit, and a folk art collection).

3. New Cross-Stitch pictures!
When I found a set of 3 of these beauties, I refused to sit them back down. I have two hanging in the living room, side by side, and one in our teeny-tiny bathroom. I'll post a better picture later!

So there's your first little taste! I'll be back with more soon.
What are you doing to make your home cozier for fall?

P.S. The thrift store I've been drooling over in this post is called Unique Thrift Store! Definitely a must-visit!

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