September 2, 2010

Whew, I'm tired!

Happy Thursday! Only one more work day for me this week and then I'm off until Tuesday (like hopefully all of you)! Hooray!

This week ends the second full week of school of the current academic year; we have officially had 13 days of school after tomorrow. To me, it has flown by! I genuinely enjoy the personalities in my classes and each of my students seem (although not all the time) willing to learn and improve themselves. I really love teaching 10th graders. They are so much fun. They're at the perfect age to be goofy, but mature enough to know how to diplomatically handle a situation. Also, they seem to be more serious about school (or at least capable of recognizing it's not going anywhere any time soon). This week we learned:  (1) how to diagram sentences, (2) SAT vocabulary, (3) checked out outside reading books, (4) discovered how politicans (both new and old) use rhetoric to develop their arguments. It's been a busy, thinking-heavy week! I'm ready for a little down time, that's for sure!

What has your week been like? Any big plans for the weekend?

I am participating in a community yard sale (trying to rid our house of our pre-marital home goods), attending both a varsity soccer and varsity football game, and hopefully hitting the road with Cory for a little "out of town" getaway for just a night.

Other than that, I'll be crocheting. I gotta! Between Christmas, sales, and shows coming up... I gotta get a move on!

Oh, oh! I TOTALLY forgot! Last weekend Cory and I went on a thrifting extravaganza! We took a little day trip to Silver Spring, MD (only 45 minutes away) and found a gigantic thrift store and so so many goodies. I'll post pictures later. Most of the awesome finds were perchased to decorate our home for fall. I'm finished with the living room, but need to touch up a few others before I can post pictures!

Okay, I'm gonna go grade some papers and get a move on!

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