September 13, 2010

Frederick Blog Tour: Sky's the Limit

This quaint little jewelry and gift shop is my favorite place to treat myself. This "unique boutique" was named after the owner's son, Sky. They carry some of the trendiest/cutest dresses I am able to find in this area. Also, this is my favorite place to buy rings and jewelry! This is the only jewelry store that focuses on selling precious stones and not gem stones. I have never been a gem stone kind of gal; I have always preferred more natural, earthy stones.

On a regular basis, I exchange two rings throughout the week that I wear on my right index finger. One of the rings is a rectangular dark-jade stone, and the other is an oval amber stone. Both of these were purchased from Sky's the Limit as a gift to myself! (Sometimes you just have to spend a little money on yourself, ya know?)

Now, the cool thing about Sky's the Limit is there is a sister store in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. So if you're closer to that side of the mountain, you may want to check out that location! If you're in Frederick, though, check out Sky's the Limit on N. Market Street. It's right in thehub of business, so it's super easy to find!

So, thank you, Sky's the Limit for your vast selection in amazing jewelry and affordable prices!

The Frederick Blog Tour is a self-designed tour of my favorite hot spots in downtown Frederick, Maryland. I have lived here for almost four years and have loved every second of getting to know this mid-sized Maryland town. The pictures provided are my own personal unless otherwised sourced. Please note that I am not compenstated for any of the information provided and all opinions are my own!

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  1. I stumbled on your blog through a google search for this store -- I bought some jewelry there this past weekend and am smitten!