June 14, 2011

The next few days are a big deal.

**NOTE** I need to say a huge huge thank you for all the supportive and inspiring comments you made in regard to my "Why I'm not using the word 'happy' anymore" post. Unfortunately, there is a glitch with me leaving comments on my own blog (Blogger is aware), so I haven't gotten to personally respond to you. I will as soon as I can, though! <3

Wow. Things are about to get crazy in this part of the world. Let me bring you up to speed a bit... I have been spending a lot of time planning in the sun and in the car. Pretty much whenever I have some quiet time to think, or whenever Cory is around to bounce some ideas off of. It's been pretty nice..

If you remember, Cory pinched a nerve in his neck last week. Fortunately, he is definitely on the upswing, but as a result, he is seeing a chiropractor numerous times a week and taking his share dose of ibuprofen to function and sleep at night. It seems like we have that situation under control as much as we can.

This week has been a little crazy, so far, too. Today, I interviewed for a position at a different high school in the county where I work. I have no idea what the odds are of me actually getting the position, but I felt extremely confident in the interview. I would really consider it a Godsend if I were offered the position, but I understand there are other capable prospects for the position as well. It will be whatever it will be (but do me a favor and cross your fingers for me in the mean time ;)). The good news is the principal is determined to expedite the process and ensure the position is filled ASAP, which also means finalizing the paperwork as soon as possible. He told me I should know something by Thursday, or at the latest, Monday. Wonderful! It's nice to not worry about "when will I hear..." because that part is often worse than the actual interview!

Tomorrow is my last workshop day of the summer. I made sure to schedule all my days at work in June so I felt as if I had enough time away from my classroom to feel completely refreshed and rejuvinated by the time August rolls around. For those of you non-teachers, it requires A LOT of distraction over the summer to really come into a new school year focused, rejuvinated, and excited for a new group of kiddos. I think back to the summer I taught summer school. I didn't get much of a break that summer, and as a result, I feel as if I (and probably my students) really paid for it the following school year. I don't know what the magic is, but summer is definitely nececssary.

After my workshop tomorrow, Cory and I are putting some time and elbow grease in sanding down and re-staining the credenza I thrifted a few weeks ago. I still can't believe I scored this beauty for just $40. I must admit, this pretty thing is still on my mind, as well. Especially after we have been hunting down an "appropriate" sofa for our living room for what seems like..... an eternity. Anyway, all of the hard work spent on the credenza will be paid off by soaking our feet in Cory's parents' pool and enjoying a nice family dinner with them.

Thursday will be one of our last days in our current home. I foresee a lot of packing and cleaning. I also foresee a lot of last minute this.. or that... and trying to squeeze in as much crochet time as possible. I have decided that this summer is my time to create new product, new designs, and a new focus for my brand. It's very exciting! I found a lot of my favorite yarns on massive sales (or even clearance) at JoAnn's yesterday, so I, of course, bought all the skeins I could get my hands on (and into my cart).

Friday is the big day! We go to check on our condo at 9am with our realtor and head to closing at 10am. By 11am the keys to our very first "home" will be in our hands and we will be heading to pick up some paint! Woo! Our great, and deligent friends, Rich and Beth, whom you met at their impromptu wedding in April, are coming to help us paint all weekend. We will need it considering our new place has 15ft high walls! Yikes! That's nearly 3 of me!

I'm hoping by this time next week, Cory and I will be able to take a break and enjoy our new crib :)

Wish us luck, please!

What do you have going on in your life right now?


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  1. Good luck with your move and the job and everything!! :) What exciting busy times, for you!