May 29, 2011

So much MCM furniture!

If you live relatively close to Frederick, Maryland, I encourage you to make a day-trip today or tomorrow... but I wouldn't wait long...

As you know, I had to go pick up the MCM credenza I purchased yesterday. I walked into the thrift shop and was shocked when I saw this beauty sitting on the sale floor. It wasn't there yesterday when I was browsing, or I probably would've tried to snatch it up. It's only $25! Amazing!

So someone needs to come and purchase it, and love it, so I can stop thinking about it!

I'm off to crochet like a mad woman and play with yarn all day! Cory and I are heading up to visit some friends for dinner and take a look at the fish farm they live on! That's right... we have friends whom live on a fish farm.

How are you enjoying your Sunday?


P.S. If you're serious about the couch, get in touch w/me and I'll send you the address of the thrift shop!

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