May 30, 2011

He may act like he wants a secretary...

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but Mad Men won't be on the air this summer. It sort of breaks my heart a little, but I'm finding small ways to cope.

I own the first three seasons on DVD and because we're just shy of the time when Mad Men would be appearing on our televsion again, I've started from scratch with Season 1. I used to be a big "TV on DVD" or "anything on DVD" kind of person, but Netflix completely cured me of the frivolous spending. I find that the only media I may ever buy on DVD again are shows like Mad Men or vintage classics that Netflix doesn't carry, like That Girl and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I find that Mad Men is a reliable source of inspiration for me, plus, I never feel like I'm throwing away too many brain power when watching since it is so incredibly written and produced.

I was doing a little snooping around the Mad Men website and found some really fun features. The Fashion Flip Book for season 4 has me drooling to no end. Janie Bryant is such a talented stylist. She walks through multiple slides explaining the pieces each character is wearing in a specific scene. She explains the structure of the piece, as well as why it was chosen for that specific character and episode! Yum!

You can take a short quiz to see which Mad Men Character You Are.  I was surprised to find out that I am Roger Sterling! I don't know what to say about this, but I do know that he is one silver fox in my eyes. I have always thought he was a sexy man. ha!

Roger Sterling

As you can tell, I'm just passing the time over here. I am ready and so excited for season 5. I just want to know if they had to rid of 2 characters (that was a contractual debate that kept filming postponed) and what happens with Don & Megan! Goodness!

Are you yearning for some Mad Men?

Do you have a show that's helping you bide the time?

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