June 10, 2011


If you follow me on Twitter, this might be old news.

Long story short, Monday night Cory had a rough night of sleep, woke up in intense pain Tuesday morning, acted as if nothing was wrong, practically stayed in bed all day Wednesday and Thursday (which is very unlike him... I mean very) until I finally convinced him to seek a professional opinion. He walked to the chiropractor yesterday morning only to be told that he has a pinched nerve in his lower neck.
(Symptoms: splitting headache, his head is tender to touch, can't move/rotate his neck, having trouble concentrating, and the like..) 

After a lot of consultation, he decided what would be his best option. Even though he had a few brazen, happy hours this evening (which even inspired our inpromptu trip to Winchester, VA), he is back in intense pain and in bed. Although there is little I can do other than supply him with water, food, kisses, and a flood of ibuprofen, I feel bad leaving him alone.

With that being said, I will not be at the Annapolis Art & Craft Festival.

I apologize if you had arranged plans to come visit or see the festival in general, but I will not be there. It was really, really hard to make this decision, but I feel like it's best if I stay home and make sure Cory's ok and he doesn't do something crazy that will only make this situation worse (which would be likely... he likes to push himself).

Seeing that we are due to move next weekend, after closing on our condo on Friday, this will hopefully alleviate a bit of stress from my plate and allow me to develop a back up plan for getting movers and helpers if Cory is still unable to lift anything.

The bright side:

I will be posting A LOT of new inventory to the Donna's Decembers shop this weekend. I have loads of new necklaces and headbands to share with you. Please, do not forget, I am offering a 15% off sale for the sake of celebrating summer and all things yarny! Take advantage of it as I plan to close down the sale before the end of the month.

Oh boy. What a tough few days.

Keep him in your thoughts and let's hope this nerve unpinches itself so my man can get back to his usual self!

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