June 12, 2011

Yarn peoples!

Good morning! It's a bright and sunny day here in Frederick. Although it's calling for (much needed) rain later today, I am going to try to live up the not-so-humid morning we're having.

I was scrolling through my Google Reader and came across Sarah London's (Crocheted Rainbow) post about graffitti yarn artist Olek. Remember a few months ago she tackled the Wall Street Bull  in New York City?

Long story short, she is fundraising for a new documentary called YARNANA. Take a look at the tumblr they started here. The idea of an actual film dedicated to the art of crazy crochet makes my heart so happy! I can only imagine how wacky it'll be!

Here is a video of local NYC news interviewing her! Check it out!

To celebrate this little bit of news, here are some fresh photos of Olek's style:

NBC News at 5 from olek on Vimeo.