December 29, 2010

I've got the sniffles.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather...


.....and looking a little green

To those of you whom are childcare providers during the day (away from home), do you find that you get sick whenever you are on a holiday break or at least a small time away? I'm beginning to wonder if my high school students are actually the crux of my immune system. As you know, Cory and I have been in Reston, VA for the last few evenings, and upon our arrive on Monday, I realized that I had the sniffles. Just the occasional sneeze or blowing of the nose, not anything to fuss about. And then I woke up yesterday moroning. Full fledged cold. ugh!

If you remember back to Thanksgiving, I had the flu for about a week and had to stay home from my Myrtle Beach vacation. Now, it's the middle of winter break, and I had to miss out on the Maryland vs. ECU game today, because of this horrible headcold that I am suffering from. Fortunately, my husband is extremely understanding of when I do not feel well--so he didn't seem to make a huge fuss about missing the game either. It was really nice to feel so supported by him (which is frequent--just incase you're reading this, honey).

In other news, I need to find some energy to go out shopping this afternoon. I am in need of a little black dress or something cute and fun for Meghan's wedding on Friday. I am getting SO excited for this celebration! If nothing else, I'll hit up a few boutiques (like Sky's the Limit) downtown for a nice little outfit and then the grocery store for some OJ and major cold relief items.

Okay, I'm going to rest up a bit more and then head out. If you see my immune system, tell her I need to come home, pronto!

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