December 30, 2010

NYE eve!


Good morning!

I'm feeling a bit better today--but still pretty fatigued. I have a lot to finish up today before we can head to Meghan's rehersal dinner tonight.

To Do List:
-finish cowls & deliver them to The Muse
-snap photos of new Spring '11 items
-finally tackle the office and make it pretty.

We have to head out of town later this afternoon and won't be back until Saturday afternoon at the earliest. We may be heading back out of town Saturday evening for a nice little Taco & Game Night w/my mother's family. It sounds like loads of fun, and I really want to go, but geez this break has been BUSY. (Last night was only the 2nd evening I have spent in my own bed this entire winter break. Crazy! We have been traveling so, so much!) I have a million pictures of this break to post--but I need to upload them to the new computer and figure out my Photoshop software and la la la, lots to do.

I hope you're having a great day and are getting excited about 2011!

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