September 16, 2010

Frederick Blog Tour: The Muse

Our next stop on the Frederick Blog Tour is near and dear to my heart, as Whitney, the owner has turned into a close friend of mine!

The Muse is Frederick's local handmade boutique. The Muse has sold Donna's Decembers merchandise since January 2010 and I am so, so very appreciative of the support. The Muse holds monthly classes taught by local artists. This is how I first got connected to the store! When I first moved to Frederick, I did not know very many people, but I knew that I loved crafting and creating. The Muse's Wednesday Wine & Cheese parties and Sunday Mimosa Make-n-Take classes were the answer to my social delimma! If you remember, my bachelorette party was held through The Muse!

Here are a few pretty photos that I shot at the store over the weekend! Enjoy :)

(Donna's Decembers display!^^)

The Frederick Blog Tour is a self-designed tour of my favorite hot spots in downtown Frederick, Maryland. I have lived here for almost four years and have loved every second of getting to know this mid-sized Maryland town. The pictures provided are my own personal unless otherwised sourced. Please note that I am not compenstated for any of the information provided and all opinions are my own!

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