June 28, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

It has been a few crazy days around here. I am feeling the crunch as far as wedding preparations are concerned. I feel like my To-Do-List is getting longer and my time is getting shorter! Yikes!
The good news is that it has been a fun few days around here. I survived my bachelorette party Saturday night (barely) and have some fun pictures from my phone of what I have been up to lately! Check 'em out!

I saw this awesome sky driving home.

I saw these beautiful Blackeyed Susans walking to my car.

Met up with friends at Alive @ 5, our bi-monthly beer garden/music event downtown.
Where a lot of people were hoola hooping...

Helped Ralphie prepare a Happy Birthday statement for my Mom:

Went to the Offray Ribbon Factory to gather some ribbon for the wedding.

My girlfriends and I gathered at the Haluch studio downtown for a bracelet class for my bachelorette party!

I chose these beads for my bracelet (but it wasn't easy to decide)!

Our finished products!

I don't have any pictures of ME yet, but as soon as I do, I will post them. After we finished our bracelets, we did a mini-photo shoot in the beautiful zen garden outside. I'm really excited to see those photos!

And... I end this post with what Cory's car said during the drive between home and Panera.

101! Yikes!

I'm on the hunt to fund some delicious cherry pie/cobbler and icecream!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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