October 22, 2012

this week...


This week is flying by *already* and it's only Monday!You might think I'm a crazy person, but truthfully, this week is flying by mostly because I'm only working until Wednesday! That's right, it's time for our annual trip to Auburn, Alabama!

This trip is so much fun for a variety of reasons. We leave after work on Wednesday and head toward Greenville, South Carolina to visit with Beth's aunt, Kathy. After we stay the night there, we'll grab lunch and catch up with her the next morning. Then we only have a short drive (about 4-5 hours) until we finally arrive in Auburn. We'll explore the town all day Friday and then enjoy the football game against Texas A&M on Saturday. After such a short stay, 14 hours in the car on Saturday is usually a raucous time, listening to all the football games we can find.

Either way, this is one of my favorite weekends of the year, so I'm pretty busy over here getting ready! Tonight is all about getting caught up on grading and updating my gradebook. I'm also going to start packing and bake some pumpkin bread for the ride!

The to-do list seems impossible right now, but it will be so worth it in just a few short days!

I hope you're looking forward to something fun this weekend, too!

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