October 19, 2012

Movie Review: ARGO

Living in this area is really interesting because it's actually flooded with highly accomplished people. For example, romance novelist Nora Roberts lives about 10 minutes outside of my hometown. Ideally, this part of Maryland is a great place for retirees because it's close to the D.C. metro area, but far enough away to not feel like you're being consumed by it. So, when I found out that the man Ben Affleck's most recent film is based on a man whom lives right outside my hometown, I wasn't entirely shocked.

ARGO is the story of CIA agent Tony Mendez plan to free 6 American diplomats that were being hunted down by the Iranian government in 1979 during the Iran Hostage Crisis. To be honest, I wasn't even alive in 1979, so my knowledge of the Iran Hostage Crisis essentially stems from whatever I can remember from my U.S. and World History classes in high school. However, the movie taught me everything I needed to know.

This was a really amazing movie for a few reasons:

1) It was politically neutral. It bugs me to no end when I see a movie that completely glorifies America when we were clearly in the wrong. Affleck did a wonderful job stating the facts at the beginning of the film that were (according to my middle-of-the-road history teacher husband) very accurate.

2) The intensity kept me on the edge of my seat. No, really. The EDGE. I could barely breath by the end of the film. The action was incredible, the pacing was perfect, and really, I just fell in love with the whole idea of one man saving so many lives.

3) This guy lives in my school district. His kids graduated from the same high school I did. Cory's students have turned in projects about "Jesse's Dad". This guy has essentially been my neighbor for the majority of my life and has had such a crucial role in American history, which is so amazing.

4) It's nice to see Ben Affleck in a serious role that isn't horrible. I can't remember the last time, or if I ever said, "Hey! That Ben Affleck sure is a great actor!" With all due respect, I know he's taken some time off to stay behind the camera, but in ARGO I was truly impressed. 

So, yeah. Movies can be expensive and we certainly only make it to the theaters a few times a year. ARGO was completely worth it. It is so nice to see such a quiet, but influential man be recognized for his dedication to the safety of Americans. Don't have plans this weekend? Well, now you do! :)

DISCLAIMER: The language in the movie is pretty filthy, but in a realistic sense. I don't live in a cave where I think our government officials speak in courtesies every day. Don't take teens with you unless you're comfortable with them hearing the f bomb a time or two. Other than that, the violence is limited, but when it does occur, it's pretty graphic.

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