May 20, 2012

Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Girl

As you know, Cory and I have been without any television service (no cable, no standard stations) since January. It's really working out well for us, plus we pinch a few pennies from not having to pay that $65+ bill a month. To help break the television silence, we do subscribe to Netflix, which is how I keep up with television shows that aren't available online.

To be honest, whenever Cory and I watch anything on the tube, he's usually the one to pick it out. Usually because I'm grading papers, cooking dinner, or crocheting on the couch, not giving the television my full attention. Now, when he's out of town, it's sort of like a free-for-all in Netflixland for me because I spend more time looking through what's available than what I would on any other time. After reading a few bloggers comment about Gossip Girl (Sometimes Sweet and Little Chief Honey Bee) and realizing that it's been a long time since I've submerged my brain into a cheesy sitcom about high schoolers who attend private prep schools in New York City. Oh wait. I've never submerged my brain into that place. But for some reason, that place just felt like the perfect way to spend my solo weekend.

Enter: Gossip Girl on Netflix. There are 87 episodes to feast upon throughout this transition from the end of the school year to summer bliss.

I've always been one for television shows that focus on high school. I have no idea why, but from Saved by the Bell, to Dawson's Creek, to One Tree Hill, to The OC, to Friday Night Lights, I'm the perfect fan. Gossip Girl is just the much more girly approach to the same format.

Other than the older-than-the-characters-they-play-so-they're-ridiculously-attractive cast, here are 4 reasons why I'm a smitten kitten when it comes to Gossip Girl.

1) It's fabulous. Everything about it is fabulous and over the top. To put it mildly, my life is anything but over the top or fabulous. So whenever I can see how the other side lives, I'm drawn into it. The clothes are great, the hair is great, the dialogue is beyond that of which most high school students are capable, and because of all those things, I love it.

2) The characters are mash-ups of my favorite characters.
Lyla Garrity (Friday Night Lights) + Summer Roberts (The O.C.) = Blair Waldorf

Joey Potter (Dawson's Creek) + Kelly Kapowski (Saved by the Bell) = Serena van der Woodsen

Matt Saracen (Friday Night Lights) + Luke Scott (One Tree Hill) = Dan Humphrey

3) Dan Humphrey's character is a dream boat. I should also add that throughout high school and college all I ever wanted in a guy was for him to be bookish and kind. I didn't date much in high school and I only dated one guy throughout college, but broke up with him in February of my senior year. So, my dating experience is pretty limited. After I graduated from school I only dated here and there, but nothing very serious. Fortunately, in the spring of my first year teaching I finally met the guy who was both bookish and kind: Cory!

4) It involves parent drama, too. This is my favorite element of this kind of series, and often allows for a little reality check for me, as I am probably far too old to be watching these shows (but so what!). The parents often contribute witty banter and otherwise smarter-than-teenager commentary that I have grown to appreciate.

It's been nice to have a go-to television show to watch while I'm busy working on odds and ends around the house. For example, I moved my laptop to the office so I could watch/listen while I cleaned and organized that space. It was really perfect. :)

Do you currently have any television obsessions or guilty pleasures?

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