May 26, 2012

Simple Inspiration Photo Book DIY

Since school will be out for summer by this time next week (eek!), I have been day dreaming about all things summer: lunches downtown with Cory, lounging by the pool, and most importantly, dreaming of new crochet designs for the upcoming autumn season. Manipulating crochet isn't as easy as manipulating fabric or even knits, so I always need an extra amount of time to soak in some inspiration before I begin working with various yarns and textures. In order to get my inspiration organized before summer officially gets here next Friday, I needed to come up with a simple system that would be accessible and easy to alter.

During a recent trip to Target I picked up a pack of sheet protectors and a cheap 3-ring binder. I already had a huge stack of magazines at home, so without their individual costs, this DIY cost me less than $5.

I took an afternoon to sort through the magazines and rip out any spreads, articles, or color combinations that I found appealing and inspiring. I also noticed certain fabrics or accessories that could be easily transformed into crochet. After all, finding inspiration to transform into crochet was my main goal.

You'll notice that I included ads and articles from magazines ranging from Vogue to Urban Outfitters catalogs to Baltimore magazine. There was really no rhyme or reason as to how I found the inspiration--I just didn't want to limit myself to a certain style or certain brands.

I like this system because I can easily overlap inspiration photos within each page protector. I don't know if I'll ever empty them out, because I think it's important to keep tabs on your progress and trends in your inspiration over time. 

For now, this is the best way to keep myself organized and I love how simple it is, especially since I'm always looking for new ways to keep inspiration around me without creating more clutter!

How do you keep your inspiration organized?

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