March 12, 2012

Half a Weekend in Review..

(This is a budding tree right outside of our home! Spring is here, my friends!)

I had a "just-what-I-needed" weekend, which seems to be the theme of the weekend for a lot of bloggers I follow, too. 

This past Friday Cory and I only had a half day with our students as it was the end of the first marking period for our new semester. Essentially, this means a lot of last minute grading, finalizing and submitting grades, and getting a head start on paperwork and planning for the following week. As soon as I got home from work I got a very exciting phone call--our water heater could be replaced that day! Hooray! What an adult-y thing to say, right? Either way, I'm ecstatic as I now have consistent hot water and nothing to worry about when friends come to stay with us! Worrying about if you'll have enough hot water is for the birds!

After Cory and I did a little victory dance, we shuffled downtown to soak in the last hours of sunshine and get in a little weekend thrifting. We didn't buy anything, but we did have a lovely time. We ended our night by grabbing sushi for dinner at our favorite spot, Hinode, which lead to the best brainstorming session possible. Long story short, Cory and I designed a new craft show display AND brainstormed new merchandise for the 2012 year! Exciting! We ended the night by browsing through Barnes & Nobel with a nice cup of tea and then picking up a few materials from JoAnn's that I needed for the new products. 

We burnt the midnight oil and stayed up listening to good records and watching Netflix. By the time we found ourselves going to bed, the clock was well-past 1:00 a.m. and we were exhausted. Bed never felt so good.

Saturday I worked my little fingers to the bone on a new collection of items that I am so excited to share with you. Some of you might have already seen the Lace & Leather Cuff Bracelets that I posted over the weekend. They are so fun and SO perfect for spring! 

We had big plans for Saturday night--checking out the local mom & pop barbecue joint that is highly rated in the country. I found out about the joint after Bryan Voltaggio (local chef, runner-up on Top Chef) tweeted about it earlier last week. We met up with Rich and Beth around 8p.m. for a late dinner. We had the best time drinking out of mason jars and eating the most tender brisket I have ever had. We ended up losing track of time and taking our dinner really slow--which lead us to closing the place down. I cherish evenings like that, you know?  They are the best.

Even though Rich and Beth came back to our house for a few ours to listen to music and catch up on their wedding plans (so soon!), we didn't seem to realize that we were getting ready to lose an hour of sleep. Our friends left around midnight which  made for a short night of sleep for me, as I was planning on heading to Philadelphia bright and early Sunday morning.

...and that's where I'm going to cut this post off. I have SO much to share with you about Fiber Philadelphia I can hardly contain myself. Check back tomorrow for a complete post dedicated to our day trip to check out the Fiber Phila exhibits! 

How was your weekend? Did you have any special moments?

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