March 10, 2012


Yesterday was a phenomenal day. We had a half day at work, I got a new water heater installed, I went shopping downtown and to a sushi dinner with Cory, and then I had magic happen. While we were talking over dinner, I had a wave of inspiration overwhelm me, so I did what I normally do. I talked it over with Cory and headed straight to the supply store.

I worked for hours last night. HOURS. I woke up early this morning and worked for more hours. I finally had it.

Lace & Leather Cuff Bracelets.

It's the perfect spring into summer accessory that is the right amount of style without being too flashy. I am in love with the Gold Lace & Leather cuff; I made one for myself and am wearing it right now!

For now, you can check out four main colors (gold, silver, blue, red) in the shop, but there will be many more to come! Within the week there should be a full inventory at The Muse in downtown Frederick as well :)

Let me know what you think!


  1. These are gorgeous and I'm in love with the one you are wearing. Great work and just beautiful!

  2. LOOOVE these!!! Can't wait to order one soon!!!!