March 21, 2012

Book Review: Extra Yarn

A few months ago I was scrolling through sponsorship ads on some of my favorite blogs and stumbled upon One Sheepish Girl, written by one of the sweetest people in blogland, Meredith. It didn't take me long to see a lot of myself in Meredith as she so accurately communicated the ebbs and flows of college life for an English major as well as the ebbs and flows of a knitter/crocheter! Now, we all know I'm no knitter, but I sort of want to be by looking at her beautiful work (I really die over those stirrup socks every time I see them)!

Anyway, so one day in December Meredith posted about a soon-to-be-published children's book, Extra Yarn. As soon as I heard the name, no lie, I headed straight to Amazon to pre-order it. I received the book in January and have been loving on it ever since. It has transformed itself into a coffee table book that Cory and I have on top of our wedding album! That's how much I love it!

I think the cover alone is sort of amazing; I seriously can't imagine how it could be any better. I love the mixture of texture and color with the little details, like the strand of yarn winding between the letters in an outdoors setting--so unexpected!

I love how the publisher suggested that this text is appropriate for people aged 4-8. Do you know of a knitter or crocheter of ANY age that just wouldn't love it?! I mean come on!

I am in love with the image above (^^) as the image of a girl, hooks/needles and yarn in hand, patiently walks her dog through the snow as if there is nothing more in life that she needs. I have definitely had those moments when the snow is falling and I have nothing but a good project to keep my mind occupied. Pure bliss! 

What I love most about this book is that it's simple. I miss the days of simple stories and simple ideas that truly keep our world working. Children's books are often convoluted with bright colors and extreme stories--but this is the complete opposite. The colors are used to show the magic of yarn and craft, the magic behind patience and knowing a skill, and the magic of creating. This is now my go-to gift for needleartist friends and baby showers! Love it!

What books have you discovered that put a magical twist on an art or a craft? I'd love to add them to my library!


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