January 4, 2012

Yarn Collective

There is a lot happening in the crochet community that I want to share with you today. Above all else, there are some really fabulous stitchers discussing sensitive issues and embarking on really awesome projects that not only inspire me, but I think will inspire you, too.

I've mentioned Katherine V. is back at it again, determined to wear crochet 365 days of the year. Her first, and to be honest, most impressive and original, 365 project involves wearing crochet a different way every day of the year: 365 Ways to Wear Crochet 


Lindsey Stephens of Poetry in Yarn  is discussing a pretty important subject: not feeling guilty about not loving every little thing that is crocheted. Recently gifted two afghans, she came to terms with not only not  being in love with them, but also not wanting to keep them. I can completely relate with Lindsey. Just because I crochet doesn't mean I want to crochet everything and it also doesn't mean I want everything crocheted! ha! I loved this post oh so much.

Crochet icon, Yokoo, recently released this collaborative video of street fashion in 2011. Need inspiration for an upcoming project, accessory, or tomorrow's outfit? This will do the trick... plus totally rock your world.

I would like to make Yarn Collective a frequent feature on the blog, so if you see any awesome posts or happenings around the web, please send them my way at donnasdecembers at gmail dot com, or leave them in the comments!

Have a lovely Thursday,

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  1. Lovely roundup and thanks for sharing my 365 Ways to Crochet project. I'll keep you in mind when I see terrific crochet stuff that you might want to share because I definitely think Yarn Collective is a great post series!