August 9, 2011

What?! A no photo post... it's true.

I don't know how this happened... but I go back to school next Thursday.

What the what?!

In typical teacher fashion, I will be spending my last few days of summer getting prepared for the upcoming school year. I've already bought the supplies I needed, so the rest is just up to me and a computer.

In case you're curious, I will be teaching (in some order, throughout the entire school year):

Freshman English
Honors Freshman English
Studies in Composition

I'm very excited for this schedule, as it breaks me away from the crazy testing that happens during the English curriculum. I'm excited to start at my new school and get settled in the new community.

Between now and then, I'll be working on my syllabi, keeping my butterflies under control, and making master plans of greatness (okay, semi-great, if I'm lucky ;)).

For now, though, I have stared at this computer for long enough (you know.. practically 12 hours). It's time for bed!

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