August 9, 2011

A little treat for your Tuesday!

Hi, friends! How's your Tuesday going? Mine is going strangely, to be perfectly honest.

A fellow teacher and I were supposed to meet up to do some school work at my community pool, and when I awoke, there were nothing but black clouds in my skies. So, I made some coffee to wait it out, but the rain continued for hours.
(Note: Of course, its bright and sunny out now...)

Cory and I bought a ceiling fan for our bedroom last night and decided to wait until this morning to install it. Well.. if there's one thing that is extremely hard to put together without a ladder, it's a ceiling fan. You should've seen the extremely unsafe stack of books (and even at one time a MCM chair) that donned our bed in hopes of reacing the ceiling. Yikes! After a patient few hours, our ceiling fan is mounted and gorgeous. I am in love with it... srsly.

In other news, the ceiling fan installation wore me out so thoroughly that I promptly took a 45 minute nap with my kitten until it was time for lunch. What? Who naps in the morning other than... children!? haha.

Now, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my day. I scheduled some time this morning to apply for fall/winter craft fairs in the Maryland/DC area. I already have a running list that I am participating in, so I am getting giddy with excitement! I need to run out to the local bookstore to grab a copy of this month's Lucky magazine. Elsie Larson is in the magazine and I truly admire her, so I want to check it out! I also need to pick up a few last minute school supplies.

One of the hardest parts of teaching is figuring out how in the heck you are going to keep your kids organized. Seriously! You can't just hope for them to figure it out... especially high schoolers. They need to be given the guidance and structure to succeed. Looks like I'll be measuring the pros and cons of notebooks vs. binders. Oh the quandries of life.

Okay so here's my treat. Dana over at Craftyminx posted this video and it cracks me up (and terrifies me) so I had to share! Go on and enjoy some "Craft Talk" ;)

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  1. Uh-oh, installing a ceiling fan while precariously perched on a pile of perennially perused books? (Alliteration!) Definitely not safe! I’m glad neither of you got hurt. I’d love to see what your ceiling fan looks like. I hope it’s still working fine these days!

    Staci Severns