August 11, 2011

Back to School

(photo & bag via CaptainCat)

Well, folks. A week from today I'll be sitting in a library with notebook in hand, taking copious notes regarding new policies, procedures (and probably doodling about observations in the crowd). That's right. Teacher's go back to school next week.

Back to school is such an exciting time. Everyone starts on a good note and everyone wants to be the best. Teachers and students alike have butterflies regarding the first day of school. Will we look presentable? Will we be organized enough? Who will be in our classes? Did I get the right supplies? Seriously. That feeling never goes away... even as a teacher.

This year brings so many changes for Team Matheny (what Cory and I have coined our joint efforts in life). I will be changing schools, and so will Cory! That's right. At the tail end of July Cory interviewed for a history position at the local School for the Arts. He was so fortunate to get this dream job and has been kinda high-on-life ever since. I am so happy for him. This is where he is meant to be, I just know it. His artistic and lyric soul will be surrounded with like-minded people and students. It might sound trite, but I seriously believe this is a dream come true. I think all anyone hopes and wishes for is to have a job where you're surrounded by your people.

Here are a few other firsts for this fall:
1)For the first time in my teaching career, I will not have a classroom. I will be a floating teacher. I'm actually ok with this. It will force me to think outside the box and approach lessons in a different, minimalist kind of way.

2) I will be teaching yearbook. I am so excited to teach this class! I met a few Yearbook students yesterday and was just overjoyed with this opportunity. I'm hosting my very first yearbook meeting this coming Monday. A time to team build, talk about the basics, and get students REALLY excited for the upcoming school year! Hooray!

3)I will be participating in a few new events this fall with Donna's Decembers. Here are a few dates to jot down on your calendars:
10/8-9 Thurmont Color Fest
11/5 First Saturday Guest Artist @ The Muse
11/12 Liberty High School Craft Fair

(I have maaaaany more applications floating out there in the craft fair world, so check back for more events!)

Time for me to grab a quick bite before heading off to the pool! :)


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  1. I haven't popped by here is sooooooooooooo long! goodness gracious!

    It looks like you are going to have a busy/fun life. I like the team name, too! :) :) :) I promise I'll be a better blog friend :)