July 31, 2011

I'm not going to just any camp...

(yearbook source)                            (yearbook source)

I'm going to Yearbook Camp!

Remember when I told you I was changing schools? Part of my new assignment is acting as Yearbook advisor for at least the first year. I'm sort of excited and sort of terrified about the position, to be honest.

I'm excited, because it's such an amazing class that can showcase a lot of talented students and teach them computer skills for the future. Plus, it's all about design! I get an excuse to talk/learn about photography, design, technique for an entire year! woo!

I'm terrified because I was an editor of the yearbook my senior year of high school and it wasn't an easy job. I wasn't head editor, thankfully, because my job was enough! Being responsible for the yearbook is a huge assignment. You need to make sure the yearbook is the prime example of the previous year of school---you can't miss a beat. It needs to be cool with an edge, but neutral enough so no one will look back in 25 years and say "what were they thinking!?" I'm also worried about walking into a classroom full of high school Liz's. You know... 20 high school girls that are exactly how I used to be in high school! I mean if there's a version of Liz I really want nothing to do with ... it's high school Liz! Oh well. I'm hoping that the kids who have already signed up for yearbook will be motivated, creative, and pretty savvy. If they aren't... then I have about a month to get 'em in shape before we need to start whipping out pages!

Fortunately yearbook camp is held at Gettysburg College, a small, private liberal arts school very close to my house. I have the flexibility of staying on campus if need be, but honestly, I've been out of the house so much this month, I'm dying for some time in my own bed! I'm looking forward to YB camp because I think it'll refresh my memory and also show me the skill set needed to be a strong advisor. I know it'll be a lot of work-- but I'm really excited!

So, off I go until Tuesday! See you then! :)

How are you spending your Sunday?


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