August 15, 2011

Back to School... sort of

Teacher's head back to school this Thursday, but I had my first unofficial day back today.

I invited my entire Yearbook class to a meeting this morning (it ran 9-1pm) to introduce myself, fester some new ideas, get the minds working, and you know... just have fun and get to know one another.

When the kids arrived, we filled out name tags and got comfortable in our environment. As soon as everyone was together, we completed this icebreaker activity where the students decide which color best matches their personality. It's pretty huge for me as a teacher to see what kind of personalities I'm working with for a number of reasons. A)It will show me my leaders. B)It will show me my creative people. C)It will show me my slackers. So I'm really glad we did that!

After the icebreaker, I passed around sample yearbooks I collected at Yearbook Camp a few weeks ago from other schools in the Mid-Atlantic area. They looked through them, found strengths and weaknesses, and then we compiled a giant list for our records.

We talked a smidgeon about the theme for our yearbook, but gosh, they were just getting so excited, I didn't want to stop them from jotting down their lists of ideas. I could see the creative juices flowing! It was fun to see the creative process happen, unlike me trying to be creative. I gave them a little treat, a brand new journalism book and a mini Snickers bar. They have a small assignment due for me on the first day of school, which I don't think they were too pleased about, but it will help them in the long run.

All in all, we had a great day. It was good getting to know some of the students I'll be working with (all but 2 were able to make the meeting!) and be able to hit the ground running feeling pretty confident.

Also, I found out that I will be teaching most of the seniors I have in yearbook. That is a blessing in disguise, as well. If they're getting bogged down in my Senior Composition class, or in Yearbook, I can try to negoiate with them. It will also help me make some incredible bonds... or I hope! ;)

That's all from this end. After a full workshop day and a few extra hours working on school stuff at my desk, I am really tired! Early to bed for me; Cory and I have a Starbucks & Work day planned for tomorrow. <3


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  1. So I haven't been by in a while, as you can tell by thousands of comments...but you are so creative as a teacher! I wanted to be a teacher but had/have a fear of blank stares & crickets!

    Ok, perhaps I'll stop flooding your inbox with notifications!