July 24, 2011

Weekend Musings

Life is so funny. I'm the kind of person who can get really wound up in whatever I'm working on and need a friendly reminder that sometimes, life just isn't that serious.
(fyi: the photos used in this post were taken with my droid phone)

This past weekend my best friend, Lisa, came to visit from New York City. It's always a treat to have her here; she hasn't been since our wedding last July. She even treated us to a cupcake themed housewarming gift including yummy Magnolia Bakery cupcakes fresh from NYC! Yes! We had a lovely weekend together despite the humidity and insane heat. We visited the pool, went antiquing and thrifting, and had a few drinks at my favorite local bar.
Pom mojito. Mmmmm

And of course, we ended our night Saturday with a dinner at Nido's (my fav Italian joint in town) and hulu action back home with a few bottles of wine. Pretty perfect, if you ask me.


Today, we woke slowly and left for brunch before taking Lisa back to Baltimore to catch her bus. As we were heading toward brunch, Cory and I were reviewing the itinerary for his upcoming work conference in Rehoboth, Delaware. Something puzzled me... we weren't supposed to check in until Monday? Hm. Okay, we could just find a place to crash tonight, not a big deal. We have loads of friends and family in the area. Because something just didn't feel right, I looked up the conference on my phone and realized that the conference doesn't actually begin until... Tuesday! Which is why our county wasn't providing room and board this evening. Silly, silly. So we're all packed up and have the housesitter all set...
with no where to go! lol

Unfortunately, Cory is really suffering with a head cold, so we decided to take Lisa to Baltimore and head back home. Our compromise was that we would go see the new Harry Potter and take it easy at home tonight. I'm happy to say my husband is currently asleep at 9:30pm.. which is exactly where he needs to be in order to get better before this conference!

Finally going to see harry!

So, we'll head out early tomorrow, probably spend some time roaming the Delaware beaches and taking it easy. I'll be at the beach all week while he's at the conference... or going around the Ocean City boardwalk taking photos ;).

Have you had a moment when life just made you giggle a little?

xo, Liz

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