July 25, 2011

Icon: Eve Arden

Last night when I was making a late night run to the store for some Nyquil for Cory, I happened to have the local NPR station out of American University tuned on the radio. I noticed they were playing an old time radio program, and I really love those sort of things, so I decided to tune in a bit.

It didn't take long to figure out that the main character, Miss. Brooks is a lively, quick witted teacher who is bombarded by people trying to "help" and "fix" her, even though she is just fine the way she is. I was happy to hear the program still on when I returned from the store, so I drove a little slower than usual to listen to the final moments ;).

Not realizing at the time, but when I did a search on the internets, I realized it was the popular radio program Our Miss Brooks, which was very popular between 1948-1957. Miss Brooks, the character that I adored so much, was played by the stunning Eve Arden.

If you're thinking to yourself, that lady looks oh so familiar with me, but I'm not very familiar with that era, it might be because Ms. Arden played Principal McGee in Grease!

I just love it! Apparently the radio program is available on CD and you can bet that it's going on my list!

Happy Monday!

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