July 28, 2011

Salisbury University: a campus tour

When Cory and I realized that we would be leaving for Rehoboth on Monday instead of Sunday, we knew exactly what we wanted to do first: stop by campus.

You may not know, but Cory is 5 years older than me. Even though we both graduated with teaching degrees from Salisbury University, we have never actually been on campus together at the same time (for school or even a visit)! Between our respective years of graduation (2003 & 2007) a lot had changed on campus and we often discuss how different (but equally awesome) our experiences were on campus. I was so excited to get back to campus because I knew there had been a lot of construction regarding new buildings and amenities since I last visited in 2008. I enjoyed stopping by campus SO much that I wanted to share with you a little tour of where I spent some of the best years of my life! :)

The first noticable change I encountered was the loss of a huge parking lot. That's right. The biggest parking lot on campus has been completely covered with this gorgeous new business school. When I was in school, the business school was held in the oldest and original building on campus, Halloway Hall. As a frield to many a business major, I frequently heard complaints about how campus desperately needed a building dedicated to just business... and now they have it! This building is actually brand new, just built throughout the last year, so it will be open to classes beginning this fall. It's quite large and gorgeous inside (we peaked inside the windows!).

The tunnel connects the main campus to the athletic fields and additional parking. Having never lived on campus (because I went to a different college my freshman year), I never used the tunnel outside of Homecoming events or grabbing lunch across the street. However, it hit me with a sense of nostalgia when I saw it. Funny how the smallest things will do that to ya...

To me, the best addition to campus since I've left is the new school of education. Originally founded as a teaching college, Salisbury has produced some incredible teachers. Personally, when I encountered my student teaching experience and even my first year as an actual professional, I felt over prepared. The faculty is realistic, down to earth, and challenges you to embrace the hard stuff when it comes to teaching. Within this building there is a library full of books for children, luxorious classrooms, and quality equipment for the communications department.

Here's another peak inside:

A different change that has come to campus that made me jump for joy, but also shocked me, was this:

I'm not a smoker, nor have I ever been. I actually get pretty sick whenever I'm around cigarette smoke (upset stomach, etc.), so this statement pleased me. However, I thought of some of my friends hanging out sharing a cigarette between classes, trying to decompress after an intense morning or exam. I can only hope that the Relay for Life or Coalition Against Cancer had a part in making Salisbury a smoke free campus. They did so much work with state legislature to pass anti-smoking laws when I was involved, I can only imagine the hand they played with this.

Many of my English classes were held in Fulton. It's primarily used for arts and theatre classes, but English and Business found ways to squeezing in as well :).

The other change I noticed was that all 4 dorms that are placed on the quad had new entrances! The new foyers really added something to the regular brick buildings that stood when I attended SU. The other interesting change is that the entrance to Wicomico has been switched so it's on the quad as well. It makes sense, since it was the only dorm that did not have an entrance on the quad!

SU's campus is actually a national arboretum, so there are very specific rules and regulations the campus must follow when caring and planting new flowers and trees. The pergola connects the majority of campus to the university's student center and Commons (dining hall). It's quite beauitful year round and so peaceful!

When I first moved to Salisbury, I needed to find a job on campus through work study in order to pay my rent and bills. I picked up a few shifts at Gull's Nest, a local sandwich shop and grille on campus. This is the patio outback.

I spent a majority of my time in the Guerrieri student center during my junior and senior years. One of my claims to fame was my time spent on the executive board of the SU Fishing Club. Fishing?! What?! Yeah, I know. I wasn't much of a fisher(wo)man, but I was really into getting the club involved in fundraisers and volunteering. I made sure the club members always had something to do to stay out of trouble, or ways to give back to the community. I was also on the excutive board for Relay for Life throughout my senior year, so between the two, I was pretty busy answering emails and messages in our offices (that are in this building).

I would always try to schedule my classes in the morning so I would have the afternoon and evenings free for work. If I could, I would schedule my classes with a little break between them so I could sneak in a nap in this place. It's the perfect location for studying, quiet reading, or like I said, a nap!

The most shocking, and maybe even the best, improvement is the additional of Seagull Square. This beautiful building holds new apartments, shops, and restaurants. It's gorgeous and right on the edge of campus. This will give campus the additional living space they so desperately need!

Wow... it was so nice going back to campus! I really love Salisbury. It's a great school for people who want a mid-sized school that will offer an incredible education. I know it sounds like I'm selling it, but there are so many Salisbury alums I know that are brilliant and have offered much to research and society, it's hard not to wear the pride of your degree on your back.

I hope you enjoyed this tour! I'll be back with more photos of our trips soon!



  1. Sounds like you had a really great college experience. I'm jealous! I tried a couple of colleges but just really didn't enjoy the campus experience at all and ultimately ended up finishing everything online.

  2. I enjoyed this post Liz! What a beautiful campus! I have three family members who went to school there on Matt's side!