June 5, 2011

Zen and the Art of Happiness

While I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago I read The Happiness Project and wrote a little bit about it here. Since then, I have been noticing a lot of people in my blog roll or life also reading it. It has really encouraged me to take a deeper look at the philosophy behind the project, the world I live in, and various attributes of my daily existance. With that being said, I'm starting a bit of a study. As a world history teacher, to say that my husband knows a bit about religions is an understatement. I, however, don't know much outside of the standard textbook reviews from high school (I only took a few history courses in college).

To begin this journey, I'm starting with Buddhism. While Buddhism is not necessarily a religion and more of a way of life, I want to know more about it and what it offers the community. My friend Whitney at The Muse mentioned in the comments of The Happiness Project post a book she really recommended to me, Zen and the Art of Happiness. This is the first book on my list. I am taking recommendations for other reading and since I am officially on summer break, the turn around should be pretty quick!

Zen And The Art of Happiness

I feel like I could be beginning a spiritual journey and the timing just seems perfect. I'm excited to dig through various texts and do a little personal research. I don't know really what I'm looking for or if I even am trying to answer a specific question or desire. I do know, however, that I feel an overwhelming sense of "unresolve" that I would like to ease.

To be determined!


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