June 28, 2011

A little Tuesday To Do...

One magical thing happened the week that I accepted my new job. A good friend of mine whom I've worked with for the last two years at my old school also accepted a position at my new school! Hooray!

This situation is really perfect. Neither one of us will be the "new kid" in the faculty room and we get to share office space together! That's right, for this coming year, neither one of us will have our own classroom. It's sad for me to not have a stable classroom, but I am so excited to work at this school, I'm constantly looking at the positive side.

With all this being said, I have a classroom at my old school that has 4 years worth of teaching materials packed into it. Today, my friend and I are heading to our respective classrooms together and are attempting to clean them out in preparation for the new teachers that will replace us this fall. What does this even mean?

Well, I will be sorting through loads of documents and determining which of them I need to keep for my personal records and for future lessons. I will be sorting through loads of novels and figuring out if I want to donate any of them to any of my beloved English department members staying at the old school. It's going to be a long day of sorting through, but hopefully, I'll feel accomplished when I leave.

Aside from sorting through my school work today, I'm also planning on unpacking as much as possible. I am beginning to resent all the cardboard sitting around my home. I desperately want to begin hanging our photographs and art on the walls and get the final touches in place. Ultimately, I just want to get rid of the cardboard so I can get started showing you my pretty new condo! At least el blago is a good motivator :)

What is on your To Do List this Tuesday?


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  1. My To Do list is all about research for the new book which I'm totally loving. Tuesdays are fun around here now.

    Never really thought about it before but it seems like a teacher's classroom is a bit like a cross between an office and a studio space!