April 10, 2011

tea for two and two for tea.

One of my favorite things right now is tea cups. They're so dainty and adorable, let alone fantastically feminine; I really can't get enough of them. Whenever I go thrifting, it's usually the first thing I look for. Unfortunately, I don't have a proper place in my house to display them (as my cats would probably knock them over and make me cry...), so right now, the best tea cups I can have, are the photo kind.

258888-7-1301858106960_large Tumblr_lj37ellifp1qd8dafo1_500_large

How do you manage a love for a specific item or quality (color, shape, design), but limited space? Do you thrift, buy, and store them away until you have the room? Do you leave them at the store? Or do you just figure it out?

I ask because I feel like I never have enough space to display all these amazing collections I WANT to have. I know it's all a want, I do not need them, which is why I do not buy them... maybe I'm looking for someone to convince me to start buying them and just figure it out ;). Who knows! I'm just interested if any of you have a similar perdicament.

Here's to you and to taking a moment to enjoy a cup of tea!


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