April 10, 2011

I love you, TV on the Radio.

One of my favorite bands is Brooklyn based TV on the Radio. Their song, "Ambulance" was the first song Cory and I danced to at our wedding and it made the entire evening magical. They're releasing a new album in a few days (4/14/11) and I am beyond excited. They have such a different sound--a mix between soul and funk. I can't help but get into it every time I hear their beats. It's almost like you can drink them. mmm..

Anyhow, this time around they decided to have an independent artist, producer, illustrator, etc. take a song and create a short film for it. INCREDIBLE! Now, they're in the process of combining these films into a feature length film. So cool.

Here's an awesome video from New York Times featuring the band and this idea. I'm sharing it with you because it speaks heavily of the DIY movement and how easy it is to embrace and nurture it!

Enjoy :)


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