April 9, 2011

a lovely day.

(one of my favorite photos from our engagement photo session w/Pang)

Today has been an amazing day and exactly what the doctor ordered. Although I had a strong cup of coffee at 10:00 last night and stayed up until 2 in the morning, I was up and at 'em at 8. Once I helped Cory load a couch that we were getting rid of into his father's truck, I looked at my bed, with it's warm covers, and immediately stiff-armed the idea of going back to sleep.

Instead, I scrubbed down my floors, made some breakfast, did a little work for school (graded some papers, set up a new notebook, found a clip from Mad Men for my students to analyze, etc.), and got a shower (all before 10:00!).

I spent the late morning to myself running errands: thrifting, banking, post office, bookstore. It was awesome. It's Educator Appreciation weekend at Border's, so I picked up the following:




The last book, by Geoff Dyer, was a present for Cory. He's been wanting to read it for weeks, so I thought I would get him a little treat.

I came home, cleaned up the house, read for a bit, took a cat nap, woke up to a fresh dinner prepared by my husband, and am now lounging around with Flip on my lap, debating if now is a good time to make a pot of coffee.

After last weekend's wedding craziness, a nice, slow paced Saturday is just what I needed. I'm doing a lot of thinking about my upcoming Best. Books. Ever. posts too, so there are more of those to look forward to!

Hope your Saturday has treated you well :)

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