April 25, 2011

Spring time in Frederick, MD

One of my favorite aspects of living in Frederick is that it's easy to just go out for a walk that could last for hours. Cory and I do this all the time, especially when it's warm out. We find ourselves walking all over this cute town multiple times during a week, and Spring Break was no exception. Here are a few snapshots of a walk we took over the weekend!

Once we got home from our walk, I had every intention of curling up with the kitties and taking a nice nap... it seemed as if they were ready, too...

So, I lay down... and Flip decides to play..



  1. Soooo pretty! It's been storming, raining and tornadoes here for days and days! Ugh! I'll have to live vicariously thru you and your pretty pics! :)

  2. HOOOOMESICK! Sigh...


  3. My two years old cousin spotted the kitty on my computer screen and forbid me to do anything for like ten minutes. She wanted to look at the kitty. So please, tell the kitty we say hello and we called it "cuuuuuuute" for like a million times. ;)

  4. Мне очень нравится твои фото