March 22, 2011

Southern Belle: Hydrangeas & a DIY!

I've lived my entire life under the Mason-Dixon line in western Maryland, but have always wondered if it is south enough on a map to consider myself southern. I feel like I usually get mixed answers.

Even though I have only visited a handful of southern states (Tenneseee, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Alabama), I have had this strange affinity for the deep south.

I love the culture, the tradition, the food, and above all, the style. To kick off my newest feature, Southern Belle, I want to share with you my favorite sign of spring in the south, the hydrangea flower. This is one of my favorite blooms in all the land and I often am jealous that the south grows them so extraordinarily well. It is with no surprise that they are a staple at most spring weddings in the south, as well.

Aren't they gorgeous?

One of my favorite thing to do once it's a steady temperature outside, is host gatherings in our backyard. For living downtown, we have a pretty large yard and two large oak trees that provide a lot of shading. Depending on the event, I like to get crafty and hang lights and other decor from the trees.

I found this cute DIY that was meant for a wedding, using tissue paper to make pomanders that resemble hydrangeas! I already have them in mind for a backyard party this spring!

Thank you, Project Wedding!

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  1. Oh my goodness those cupcakes look amazing!
    I honestly don't know if I could bring myself to eat one less I destroy the beauty of it all.