March 23, 2011

Streetcars & breadbowls.

As you have probably noticed by reading my blog or following me on Twitter, life has been sort of hard this school year. I feel like I should clarify. I am lucky and fortunate to even have a job. I do not want to come across as being selfish or unrealistic, as I am completely aware how many people would just like to have a job. With that being said, I do like my job. I love the act of teaching, I love interacting with teenagers, and I really love reading and the English language. I do not, however, like the politics, test pressure, performance pressure, disrespect from students and colleagues, etc. I could go on. So yes, I love my job, I just don't like it right now. You can't always be happy, though, right? Anyway...

I have been trying to crochet as a source a therapy for all the feelings I have been encountering this school year, and for the most part, I think it has worked. It's nice to come home and work on a project that I have complete control over the beginning, middle, and end. This amazing craft has offered me so much stability, I really appreciate it.

With all of this being said, my mother and I have been experience the same ebb and flow of our jobs over the last few months. We had a really lovely conversation when I picked her up from the airport a few weeks ago in regards to our outlook and finding hope and strength. Over the last few weeks, we've been tossing out the idea of getting out of town for a mother-daughter long weekend, and I am so happy to see it coming true!

We're heading to San Francisco!
We'll be there for a long weekend near the end of May and are dying to start planning out cool little things to do.
Note: My mother and I have been to San Francisco before. I presented at a research conference in April 2007, when I was a senior in college and she flew out with me and my professor.

To get myself really pumped up about this trip, I thought I would share my favorite photos of San Fran!

Happy Wednesday :)


P.S. I have used the originial source with many of these photos--but some I could not find. If you are the original source or you know it, please leave the information in the comments so I can give the appropriate credit!


  1. WOW! SF is my "hometown" I grew up in the east bay and spent a ton of time in SF. ENJOY! I wish I could be down there to meet you! I will be down in September! :(

  2. If you want to meet up for a meal or coffee while you're here drop me a line! Or let me know if you need any tips (best yarn store?) for your trip.