March 9, 2011

Apple Green.

I love apple green right now and the subtle use of it within this room pleased my eyes so much this morning. This room reminds me so much of a house my grandmother owned (and rennovated) when she was alive. The house had this gorgeous sun room on the 2nd floor that was her tenants used as an guest room. Beaut-i-ful.

So, if you haven't grabbed your supplies for the Spring Style Notebook DIY, do that before tomorrow!

The other exciting news is that yesterday I went to the thriftstore & antique shop and came home with... not 1... but 2 apple green vintage chairs. Photos to follow this weekend.

For the rest of the week, I'm keeping things light and easy on the blog and at home. I want to take a moment and enjoy this transition away from winter and into spring. I need it to be a good one :)

Happy Wednesday to you. I hope it treats you well.

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